Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Power of association

There's so much you can learn from a gummy, drooling, happy 8 month old child. The kid has an amazing memory that makes me believe in the power of association. Our mind, being very powerful in itself, attaches little memories to certain things. A certain smell reminds you of school holidays or mom's home fries.

This is only at the grassroots level. How about the connection made between what you wear and what people think about you. If you wore torn and filthy clothes, people will not take you seriously. If you wore a pinstriped suit, people would imagine that you're a V.I.P. never mind that you "borrowed" it from your boss.

Standing next to a bank robber might give the flying squad the idea that you're part of the gang and they will proceed to treat you as one. Humans are social beings... that's a principle that is sang like a religious mantra in communication studies. Its true, we are social! Even the "anti-socials" hang out with their fellow "anti-social".

So back to my gummy, drooling, happy 8 month old child. My little darling knows when the phone is ringing, it's mommy on the phone and instantly, baby starts fighting for the phone, he can't talk yet but he has his rights to one phone call, doesn't he? Baby also knows that once the romper is opened the next thing going is the diaper so I get some unwanted assistance in changing the diaper.
There are so many things that baby's connected to other things and has a system of recognition.

Soon Baby will become a school going child and I only pray that this power of association will lean towards the positive and steer clear from the negative. I pray as little droller becomes a hormonal teen, the power of association will steer all acts and decisions towards righteousness and holiness.
I also pray that as hormonal teen becomes a young adult, the power of association will inspire the right decisions in life and a God fearing lifestyle.

As my young adult matures into a grown person, I pray that through the power of association, God's will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

That's my prayer for all mothers with young ones who are now learning the power of association.

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