Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Lots of glimpses i've had, glimpses of what lovers share.

Nothing the Gregorian language can describe this but the 'sense' language can.

Touching him is addictive, its like i cant get enough of it

His scent, that scent so sweet, clean, fresh.

My days are filled to your wordless banter, your hearty silent giggles and gurgles. 

When you are fussy, shedding baby tears, I kiss them away, giving you reassuring hums.

The sight of him is what I longed for all day, all night.

His smile, his gummy smile is so captivating, melting the recipient of the such blessing.

So I continue to glimpse, using any excuse to gaze at his cherub face.

Watching him sleep is like looking at a Masterpiece, God's best work yet.

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