Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye size 10, Hello size 14

It's funny how I'd moan about how skinny I was and would declare how plus sized women had better options in clothing. I didn't think one day I'd balloon and be nowhere close to my past size. I spotted the skirt i wore during my first job interview and thought I'd try fitting into it. I couldn't get it past my hips that someone once described as motherly curves. I'm still trying to figure out if that is a compliment or an insult.
I know its impractical of me to think I'd drop a 3 kilo baby and come out looking like a size 10 but a girl could wish that she doesn't need to give up her skinny jeans. If there's one thing I'd advice any lady intending to get pregnant, don't buy any clothes pre-pregnancy, you may never wear them again! I have a blouse that i wore only twice. So I have this suitcase of clothes that I need to let go off even though I looked fabulous in them.
Funny thing is, I'm remaining with 5kgs yet in my eyes I look massive. I mostly feel as if those 5kgs are centralized in my belly pouch. There's no hiding that I had a baby! Let me not start moaning about the widened hips. Yes ladies, when you are on the birth train, your pelvic bone shifts and widens in preparation for birth. That's why lot's of women who have given birth have wide hips, belly pouch and, sometimes, a generous bust. Don't let the Jenny Lo's and Jolie's fool you that you'd come out a perfect 10 after dropping a bambino.
Not everything is a downer with post pregnancy and body. I finally have a bust and hip size that makes a diner dress look fantastic. The tricky bit is the belly pouch, and boy is it causing major struggles in wearing lady pants that comfortably fits me elsewhere.
I'll just hold out for another 3 month and exercise before I declare no turning back on my good looking size 10s but there's no way I'm remaining with a belly pouch.
Death to the belly pouch! Ok, right after I get my fill of fudge cake.

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