Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 16

My little angel, you are now 16 weeks old and slowly getting bigger inside me. Your daddy and I love you so much. Sometimes, daddy talks to you and I dont even know what he tells you and he never fails to gives you lots of kisses each day. We cant wait to meet you, to see you grow, to hear you speak, to see you walk and laugh. We hope we will never fail as parents with you, we hope we can best prepare you for your future in this big unfamiliar world. I know you'll be scared the first day you arrive on this earth but remember daddy and I will do our best to protect you and keep you safe. Your two grandmas are driving me nuts with their fussing and I know there will be more of that once you make your grand appearance. The special thing about you is that you will be the first grandchild for my parents and daddy's parents, that is why there is all the fuss about you.
You'll get to know Uncle Muiruri, Uncle Mark, Uncle Eric, Aunt Joy (but dont call her Aunt coz she wont like it much so Joy will do for her. :D) and there is Aunt Cathy, all of whom are from your daddy's side of the big family awaiting your prescense. On my side there is Uncle Steve/Ndungu, Aunt Wangari, Uncle David and Aunt Dama. Let's not forget your dotting grandparents... there's your daddy's mom Cucu Tabby, daddy's dad Guka Allan, my very own mommy Cucu Ruth/Muthoni and my dad, Guka Mbugua. Last but not the least, you will get to know your great-grandma, daddy's own grandma.
There are lots of other family members you will meet but you have a lifetime to get to know them so no rush there. I dont know when you'll be able to read this or understand what I'm writing but i thought you'd think it interesting that I typed this up when you were only 4 months in my tummy. I know you and daddy will be best of friends and I bet he'll give you lots of special surprises that you'll love.
Sleep tight my darling, I'm famished and I need to get cooking coz feeding both of us is no joke! :) I love you honey, daddy loves you too.
Your eager mother

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